PDA30 holster "Boxer Plus"
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The PDA30 Boxer Plus holster is designed to provide a better match to the Glock 19 series and similar sized weapons. Internal dimensions are 7.5” long by 5.0” height by 1.25” thick.(Left hand shown) Standard attachment is by dual belt straps on 3.0” centers, each strap is 1.25” wide, secured by steel snaps. The holster is available in Cordura nylon (ballistic type) or SymLeather.

The pistol size is usually limited by the height at 4.50”, while the other dimensions are generally more forgiving.

Designed specifically for the Glock S-Compact series, but nicely fits other types including S&W J-Frame and the new Bodyguard 38 revolvers. Comfortable and Quick-Draw capable as are all of our holsters.

Check the Fitting Chart for other typical pistol models. Holster only, pistol or accessories not included.

For approximate overall holster size add 0.50" Length and 0.75" Height & Thickness to internal dimensions.

* SymLeather  is a term used for partially synthetic leather. Our product is a material made of polyurethane used in conjunction with recycled leather bonded to a fabric backing. It looks, feels, and even smells like top grain leather.

Paddle Accessory
Our most popular accessory lets you carry without a belt for super fast on and off. Now available as an option with every holster without placing a separate accessories order. The PAD-2 fits our PDA-6 Little Buddy and the PAD-1 fits all other models.

Easy Buckle Strap

The Easy Buckle Strap was designed for motorcyclists or hikers who want additional security to retain the firearm in the holster.  The buckle itself goes on the front of the holster to make sure that holster will not come open when at speed on a motorcycle or while doing other strenuous outdoor activities.  It is not necessary for everyday carry and will add additional time to you accessing the firearm if needed.

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PDA30 holster "Boxer Plus"

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